Junior golfers can accelerate their golf skills with our variety of golf clinics and training environments. Students can choose to do one class or multiple classes throughout the summer. 

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Course Descriptions:

- Chipping vs Pitching Basics -
One of the most confusing questions for golfers, when do I chip and pitch? Learn the difference between them so you can start practicing the right way.
- Chipping vs Pitching Decisions -
Chipping is the closest shot a golfer hits before they putt on the putting green.  
Golfers are able to carry 14 golf clubs. Learn the principles that allows you to make the correct decision every time.
- Putt Like the Pros -
The best putters in the world all have different techniques, but share one similarity.  
Learn those commonalites and start applying them in your practice and training. 
Putt like Jordan Spieth -
Who is Jordan Spieth? One of the best putters in on the PGA Tour.
Learn the same principles that makes him a great putter and apply it today to transform.
- Full-Swing (Distance) -
What's more important for distance, swing speed or centered contact?
Learn specific principles and techniques on how both influence your distance and decide what is best for you.
- Full Swing (Direction) - 
Understanding the key principles in directional control so you comprehend how swing techniques influences your where your ball goes
- "Drive for Dough" -
Focusing on one of golfs most important parts. Driving sets up a players strategy and emotions for playing each hole and a round of golf. Get yourself to stay in the game!
-Wright Balance™ Bootcamp -
 Learn from Golf Magazine's Top 100 Golf Schools-Wright Balance Golf technology in putting and swinging to transform
your golf game using the easy-to-use concepts and putting them into your practice routine
- Skills-Bootcamp -
Application of golf skills in an individual and/or team environment that will teach you how to practice current and new learned skills

Coach Schedule:

Mondays: Full Swing Direction/Distance & Wright Balance Bootcamp - Coach Jai

Tuesdays: Putt Like the Pros & Wright Balance Bootcamp - Coach Jai

Wednesday: Chipping & Full-Game Bootcamp - Coach Aki and/or Coach Seiko

Thursday: Driving & Tee Shot Bootcamp - Coach Aki and/or Coach Seiko

Friday: Putting Like Jordan Spieth & Short Game Bootcamp - Coach Aki or Coach Jai

Saturday: Full-Swing Bootcamp - Coach Seiko and/or Coach Jai

Sunday: Short Game Bootcamp - Coach Aki or Coach Jai


 $40-$80 per class or you can purchase a discounted bundle below

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      Purchase Unlimited Pass-$1,400           Purchase 25-credits-$800                     Purchase 10-credits-$360

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