Welcome to the Game of Golf!

New Golfers Welcome!


Top 5 Reasons to start up the game:

1. To be outdoors with friends and family or to meet new people

2. Enjoy the beauty of the course and its facility

3. For your health and exercise

4. Learn something new and fun in a relaxing environment

5. Game of a lifetime


If you are interested in taking up golf, have no fear! There are many instructional tools to help you get started.










Question: Where do I start?


Step 1: Read the above links page to know the general idea about the game.

Step 2: Take a lesson! I provide many group lessons, private lessons and semi-private lessons. Take a lesson with a friend or a group of them. Get your family out and begin a series of lessons with the whole gang! Even if there is no one else that can join you and you do not want to feel alone,  I would suggest taking our Beginner's Series. I also provide other classes to take after the series to continue your progress. For more information about schedules and rates, please refer to the Group lesson page. Nervous? Don't be! It's just a game and were here to have FUN.

Step 3: Practice. Practice makes progress.

Step 4: Get on the course already! That is why you took up lessons in the first place, right!?


Question: Do I have to buy clubs before I take a lesson?

Answer:No, you do not have to purchase clubs right away. Whether you take a private (one-on-one) lesson, or a group lesson, clubs can be provided. Once you are ready to purchase clubs, I will be more than happy to help you find the right ones for you! Remember: If you do purchase clubs then buy the ones that fit YOU, do not try and make clubs fit you.


Question: What can I wear to the lesson?

Answer:I would recommend a collared shirt for both men and women. Slacks, shorts and skorts are permissible too. Tennis shoes are probably the most comfortable shoe to wear. You can always purchase golf shoes later. Unfortunately jeans are not allowed when playing at the Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club, so I would just wear slacks or shorts. Jeans are not the most comfortable when swinging a golf club anyway!



Please let me know if you have any other questions.



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Seiko Matsumura, PGA Golf Coaching